Wellness and safety with essential oils

You are new to the use of essential oils and I suppose you will have many questions on how to use them. I suggest starting small, using one oil at a time and seeing how your body reacts or feels when using it. Start by diffusing essential oils with your diffuser or inhale them directly […]

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A perfume at the right moment

Life tests us and allows us to value what we have. A few days ago, I lived the earthquake of 8.1 degrees in the Mexico City. At that moment, being on the 22nd floor feeling the movement of the building, all I thought was to be able to go down the emergency stairs and leave […]

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My love relationship with aromas

I was always attracted by the aromas. I loved going to those stores where besides creams you can get the shower gel, the refreshing spray and other things with the same aroma; my favorite coconut-lemon. For some months, I lived in France and fragrances were an important part of my life. I remember buying in […]

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