Life tests us and allows us to value what we have. A few days ago, I lived the earthquake of 8.1 degrees in the Mexico City. At that moment, being on the 22nd floor feeling the movement of the building, all I thought was to be able to go down the emergency stairs and leave the building.

Between the panic of people and the stress before going down I took my purse to make sure I had my documents and with the fixed idea in my mind to go down and be safe I started my descend. The tour of 22 floors seemed eternal. There were people crying, others coming down quickly, others slowing down, some shouting, and I quietly came down with great faith and hopeful to reach the street.

Once outside I realized the size of the situation and thank God for keeping us safe. Already sitting in the lobby of the hotel with my family and friends who also were there I realized I had forgotten my cell phone in the room. But I had something powerful in my purse that could help me at that moment .

I remembered that in my bag were some of my essential oils, it was wonderful to be able to help some people with a little Stress Away and use it in me to reassure myself.

Who would think that one of my favorite essential oils that I usually use as a perfume would then serve to bring tranquility.

After two hours, I returned to my room valuing my life, my family and with the certainty that I have a mission. Thank you for being part of my life and for dreaming that we can transform the world. Thanks God for a new opportunity to serve you.


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