Nowadays it is hard to nourish our body with the nutrients it needs. For that reason, in our home NingXia Red is a must.

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And what is NingXia Red?


It is a Young Living product! Yes!  .. Young Living is more than just essential oils and one of its most popular products it the NingXia Red juice.


The main ingredient in this delicious drink is the wolfberry, goji, that comes from NingXia in China, thats where the name comes from.

It also contains pomegranate and different kinds of berries, it is sweetened with stevia and has four citrus essential oils: orange, tangerine, lemon and yuzu.


I call it THE SUPER JUICE since it is got an amazing antioxidant capacity, it is full of vitamins, amino acids and minerals that we all need to support the functions in our body.

And the best part! I only need to drink 2 ounces a day! That is all you need to support your energy levels and wellness.

You can drink it direct or diluted in water, juices or even make a smoothie!

Enjoy it with your family and lets improve our health with NingXia!