My adventures in nutrition, fitness, Young Living, and being a wife and mother.

(Get ready to have fun!)

I made the bittersweet decision to move to the United States from my hometown, Navojoa, Sonora, Mexico after I got married, all while leaving my family, friends, job and country behind.

I struggled to feel included in my new world, and it wasn’t until I became pregnant with my son, that I decided to turn my life around and focus on the positive. On a random day when my son was around one-year-old, he got a bump on his forehead and my husband and I were searching for an ointment to put on it…

“I feel I am here to transform the lives of others.”

That’s when Young Living essential oils came into my life! My husband and I were given a starter kit months before – having no education on what essential oils could really do, we sort of set it aside – but I decided to turn to the oils to see if they would help my son, and we could not believe how quickly and efficiently they worked!

I was blind to how many chemicals are in the products we use every day that are supposed to help us feel better, So I then began to change my lifestyle and focus on health!

I began going down to Mexico to share the beauty of Young Living. Currently, I have grown the presence in Mexico from 2,000 Young Living members to 15,000 and we now have members across 20 different countries.

“come to my blog to feel inspired, learn new things, and most importantly, have fun!”

Helping others is one of my passions! Whether that be through living a healthier life physically and emotionally or helping people feel more happy and secure financially. So come join me on my journey to continue wellness in the lives of others, as well as within my own life – around the globe!