Sugar… NO!!!! Good bye to sodas!

This morning a person a follow, admire and inspires me to wellness share some information about sugar. Reading this made me think of the decisions I make every day. I totally believe that when we think about sugar we associate it with overweight or gaining weight when it is more than that and it can […]

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As a woman… these are my top 5

There are things that get us excited and enhance our mood. Maybe being with friends, going shopping, a new pair of shoes, dancing, a dinner with a good friend, traveling and many more things will make us feel happy, right? Well, besides all of the above…. These are 5 things I can not go without. […]

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Seed to Seal

Five years ago, I was invited to be part of the Young Living winter harvest. My leaders and great friends, Scott and Brenda Schuler invited me and without knowing what it about was I said YES! This harvest takes place at Highland Flats the Young Living farm located in Idaho where they harvest Idaho blue […]

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