If we only knew what we are putting in our mouth!

You would be getting a PhD in reading labels and maybe a new degree on that difficult language.

And is not French or Chinese! It is trying to pronounce all those long, hard words you find in every product you use!

I have heard so many times. If you cannot read it dont use it. Didnt mean much to me until I became more interested in health and started learning about the dangerous ingredients in the products I was using!

Since when do you brush your teeth?

Have you ever read the Warning section in your toothpaste? If you accidentally swallowed more than use for brushing, get medical help or contact a Poison Control Center right away. Do you ever wonder why?

And then I think as a mom, how many times do I make my kid brush its teeth?

Wow. is it ok to put it in my mout?

I dont want to go into deeper discussion but since I read this warning I switched to a 100% natural, fluoride free toothpaste for me and for my family! Young Living has different toothpastes to choose from…. You will find your favorite. Mine is the Thieves Plus… but my husband’s is the Thieves Aroma Bright. And there is even one for children, my son’s favorite with an orange flavor. that is the kidscents slique toothpaste.

I love that Young Living is not only about essential oils but an overall wellness company that offers us solutions and a healthier lifestyle.