When the apathetic person in the room changes his postures and leaves as a complete different person I know I have done something right. This has happened to me more than one time and it is a wonderful feeling to be a witness.

If you wonder what I am talking about, well, one of my passions is to teach and educate about essential oils, what they are, how to use them and its benefits. Why am I so passionate? After having my first experience with oils I was all in to learn and determine to understand what I had in those little bottles and I discovered a whole new world. They have change my life in every way you can possible thing of…  more energy, less pounds, a younger look, a healthy 7-year-old son, a husband who is a veteran and is emotionally stable and the list goes on…. I need to share with others and let them experience for themselves.

My first apathetic transformation took place in Mexico City a few years ago when I was invited to a friends house to teach. I usually have mostly woman in the room but this day a very nice gentleman came and was accompanied by this other uninterested man that I call the apathetic.

Everything went smooth but it was somehow bothersome to see this man just seating there, arms crossed, almost falling off his chair and looking at the clock maybe thinking when is she stopping so that I can go home?.

When I teach I like to pass the oils around so people can experience and feel them. I would suggest putting them on the skin, drinking some in water and deeply smelling themAnd here is the moment when the magic begins.

As I continued teaching and passing around the 11 essential oils I was explaining.

This guy didnt have much of a choice and decided to at least smell each of them

And as he did it I could see a different expression in his face, a different body posture, he even started paying attention to what I was saying, he looked engaged and I could see a glimpse of shine in his eyes.

There was no doubt in my mind that this man was discovering a whole new world thats what happens when you have an experience with an essential oil.  

I finished my class and the apathetic guy was the most excited person, smiling and asking questions about essential oils and how aromas work in the brain. It was an amazing transformation and one that I will always remember.