We hear repeatedly the importance of drinking water to hydrate our body. That is necessary to take at least 8 glasses of water a day in addition to having a good diet. 

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I have put habit into practice and I take my water bottle with me so that I do not forget to give my body this vital liquid. 

I recently bought a bottle to hydrogenate the water … I had only heard that it was a good benefit for my body. I used it and the first thing I noticed was a different taste and consistency. I feel like I’m taking “light” water Lol 

However, my hunger for learning led me to seek information and here I share 5 reasons on why to drink hydrogenated water.

 1. It neutralizes free radicals: they age us and they cause 90% of diseases.

2. Inhibits the damage caused by free radicals on our DNA.

3. Stimulates the enzymes of cells that act as antioxidants.

4. It is an excellent anti-inflammatory.

5. Improves skin condition 

Is not little wonder what hydrogen can do in our body?


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