If I recall well I believe I started using deodorant when I was 13 years old. 

At that age some changes start to happen and we adopt some habits either because our mom tells us to or because our friends and we don’t want to feel left behind.

Anyway… after decades of using this personal hygiene product in all of its presentations…. A bar, roll-on, spray, antiperspirant, with citrus or floral aroma and everything else you can imagine… one day at the age of 39 I decided to never use deodorant again.

In my hunger to learn about the human body functions I learned that sweating is a mechanism that our body uses to eliminate toxins. Our body needs to sweat to get rid of them.  What happens if I use an antiperspirant deodorant? I am actually clogging my pores and not allowing the junk to get out of my body.

Deodorants have parabens, aluminum, triclosan, fragrances and other toxic ingredients that when we abused of them they can cause imbalance in our body and even some deceases.

It is easy to substitute your deodorant! My favorite recipe which you can make at home is simple; you just need some baking soda, coconut oil and 1 or 2 of your favorite essential oils. I like purification or joy.

I invite you to make smarter decision to take care of your well-being and check for different options using noninvasive products to keep your body functioning right.

Being well informed and being conscious of what we use daily is our responsibility.

So.. what deodorant de you use?


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