DYI: A natural body scrub

We live in a world where marketing is invading us with “organic”, “natural” products but we must be careful, learn how to read labels and go for better choices. Taking care of our health also deals with what we put on our skin. What ingredients are in the products you use for personal care? Take […]

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Children and food

Are you a mom? I am a mom of an 8-year-old son who is the healthiest kid I know but also a challenge when it comes to eating fruits and veggies. He likes some… and I don’t have a problem when I offer him an apple, strawberries, oranges, green beans, peas and a few other […]

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An you only need 2 ounces a day…..

Nowadays it is hard to nourish our body with the nutrients it needs. For that reason, in our home NingXia Red is a must.   And what is NingXia Red?   It is a Young Living product! Yes!  .. Young Living is more than just essential oils and one of its most popular products it […]

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Sugar… NO!!!! Good bye to sodas!

This morning a person a follow, admire and inspires me to wellness share some information about sugar. Reading this made me think of the decisions I make every day. I totally believe that when we think about sugar we associate it with overweight or gaining weight when it is more than that and it can […]

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As a woman… these are my top 5

There are things that get us excited and enhance our mood. Maybe being with friends, going shopping, a new pair of shoes, dancing, a dinner with a good friend, traveling and many more things will make us feel happy, right? Well, besides all of the above…. These are 5 things I can not go without. […]

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Seed to Seal

Five years ago, I was invited to be part of the Young Living winter harvest. My leaders and great friends, Scott and Brenda Schuler invited me and without knowing what it about was I said YES! This harvest takes place at Highland Flats the Young Living farm located in Idaho where they harvest Idaho blue […]

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February is here!

After a great December vacation in Mexico with my family, the beginning of a new year with new habits …. February is here!   A short month but a beautiful one. A month to celebrate love, friendship and brotherhood. I love the beginning of the month since it comes with new Young Living promotions and […]

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My favorite DYI for cleaning wood

The products we use to clean our home have a lot of toxic ingredients, have you ever wonder the secondary effects that they can cause in your health? I don’t want to alarm you, but I invite you to read the labels and make your own search… maybe that fatigue you feel, the memory loss […]

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A year has ended and with it we close a chapter in our history book. We now have a new chapter to write, 365 days of new opportunities to live to the fullest, enjoy life and be happy. Today I just want to talk to you from the bottom of my heart and thank you […]

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Gift ideas for this Christmas season

Have you done your Christmas shopping? I want to give you some ideas of simple and useful things you can do yourself with your own personal touch. Isn’t it amazing to get a gift from a person you love that she made herself? I love when people take the time to think about you and […]

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